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The Awakened and Empowered Mid-Life Woman
Shift the suffocating worry that life is passing you by, discover the real woman inside and reclaim your innate power to create the life of your dreams. 

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August 16th/17th/18th 7.30pm BST/
8.30pm CAT/2.30pm EST
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It’s time to scale up your life, shake off the person you think you are and step into the true forcefield of the woman you were always designed to be.

On this 3-day journey you will discover:

Why you’ve unknowingly stopped yourself creating the life of your dreams, but once you know, life starts to flow with ease and joy and you feel peace and in control of who you really are and what you want. 

That it is possible to smash through what’s holding you back so you can create a life of fulfilment, peace, acceptance and most of all happiness!

This is the most transformative process for visionary women to step into the power of who she really is, feel effortless joy and empowerment to get anything they want..every day.    

Reclaim Your Power

Day 1 

 Make the life changing decision that from this day on, you no longer accept feeling on the receiving end of life, and instead you take back your power to step into who you really are just waiting to be unleashed to the world.   

Reawaken Your Soul 

Day 2

   Learn how to lean into who you truly are, channel the magic within and harness that energy you hold to create anything you want.

Regain what you were born deserving of 

Day 3

 Learn tried and tested techniques to call in what you want, slay those blocks getting in your way so you can bask in all that you are deserving and worthy of.

VALUE – PRICELESS (Is there a price to putting an end to your struggle so you can live your most incredible life?)

You’re one click away from discovering your best life